Where are you based?

The recording studio is based in Colne, Lancashire, which is approx. 45 mins from Manchester, an hour from Leeds & Liverpool and about an hour and half from Sheffield (to give you an idea)

The postcode is BB8 9PE.

How can I speak to you about making a record?

Fill in the contact form, email matt@suffstudio.co.uk or contact me through my facebook page.

What do I need to bring to the studio?

I have everything you need to make a standard rock record except cymbals, so please bring at least those.

You should also bring a some packs of BRAND NEW guitar strings for each instrument (bass as well as guitar) and at the very least a snare drum skin (full kit if you can).

What recording equipment and musical gear do you have?

Most of my gear is listed on my GEAR PAGE, I'm always buying gear though so it's always expending and I usually get a new 'toy' for every record I make. All my gear is available to use, free of charge. 

How long is my record likely to take?

Records vary in time, but for a fairly standard rock band I usually suggest around a day and a half per song for recording.  Editing and mixing usually takes a day per song.

Do you do audio mastering too?

I prefer not to master my own mixes as I think a third pair of ears always works better at the mastering stage. That said, I always give my mixes a 'light master' to bring it up to a commercial loudness. Sometimes clients are happy with this but I'll always suggest someone else to sprinkle their own magic dust on it if funds allow. Vise-versa too - I'm always up for mastering other people's mixes!

What are your recording rates?

Rates depend entirely on the project but for an idea, a single for a standard rock band starts at £240 


What strings and skins do you recommend? 

I'm not overly fussy about strings to be honest but the super cheap £3 type packs are no good. You'll be fine with anything by ernie ball, elixir, dunlop, rotosound, d'adarrio, DR. Higher gauge strings tend to hold tuning and bend less when you press on so are better for recording; so the thicker you can stand the better. 

My personal favourite drum skins on snare and toms for rock music are Remo Emperor coated skins. They sound great for recording and are pretty durable. Single ply skins can sound great but they die too quickly. Other decent snare skins are Remo Emperor X, Evans HD dry,  For kick drum you can't beat Evans EMAD skins. I try to avoid skins that are overly dampened (such as Remo Pinstripes) as it limits my options to how much resonance I can keep or kill. 


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