Amazing experience to work with Matt, he’s full of good suggestions and input on how to make you sound better and it’s a really comfortable environment to work in

Ryan Mulholland - Nan White Pepper

So professional, but also super down to earth. Had an amazing time recording, and the results are amazing, stoked to come back!

Luke Rainsford

Great attention to detail and fast delivery on a project we did with Matt and Sony music / mfn records

Bobby Pook - Blanket

Matt is the man and he got our EP sounding exactly like we wanted it and managed to help us develop/tweak the songs without being intrusive in any way. Lovely dude, lovely sounds.

Craig Twigg - Forever In Debt

Suff studios is one of the best places I've been to record. The atmosphere is fantastic from start to finish which is made by Matt. He isn't there to just record he will help, discuss, rearrange and offer his experience with everything. You end up leaving, after your session, in utter amazement. Matt is up for any challenge and yiu can tell he will push you and himself to get the best from every aspect. Equipment available is great and has everything for every sound.

I really recommend any band or musician to check out his work for the future!

Michael Bracewell - Monsters As Humans

Going into the EP we had ideas but it wasn't till we recorded with Matt that those ideas were brought to life and made even better than we could have imagined. His patience allowed us to spend lengths of time nailing parts, playing with song structure or using his favourite pedals. We're proud of what the EP has become and without a shadow of a doubt Matt is the reason it is as good as it is. 

Alex Hardiment - Not Today

We recorded our debut 3 track EP with Matt at Suff Studios in March. We went in with a vision of what we wanted the tracks to sound like but Matt's own visions and huge enthusiasm for music in general helped to transform the songs into a EP that we are incredibly proud of and will hold dear for a long time to come! Thanks Matt!

Rob Smith - Basket

A brilliant recording session at Suff Studios with Matt! Incredible mixing and mastering on the song I recorded at the studio!. Will continue to use this studio and work along side Matt in future songs and projects! Excellent service in general! Would highly recommend!

Dan Sinclair - SIN

Had the best experience recording with Matt at Suff Studio. He has the patience of a saint and really gets excited about all the music he works with! He really put his own spin on our tracks and helped to develop our album into something we couldn't be happier with. Could not recommend enough 

Aiden Duke - Bad Ape

A brilliant studio with very fair prices, one of the nicest guys on the planet and amazing recordings! What more could you want?

Jack Smith - Regan

Matt is a great and highly creative engineer, mixer and producer. He really cares about the whole recording process and most importantly, about sound. He's very hands on and gets behind your song from the very moment you step in the studio. He's also a really nice guy too which is always a bonus. I highly recommend him

James Parkinson - One Cure For Man

Excellent place to record. Really impressed by the sound and finished product and Matt was keen and enthusiastic from start to finish. Will 100% be back. His taste is Coffee is quite unique. Cheers for your hard and honest work Matt!

Alex Hardiment - Not Today

Worked with Matt on one of our tracks. Awesome laidback recording environment, stacks of equipment, stacks of pedals and nailed down our sound straight away. Highly recommend to anyone wanting an awesome sounding record. Defo be working on more tracks in the future!

Baz Jarvis - M24s

Working with Matt at Suff Studio was such a great experience. We booked in to record our debut EP with little faith in ourselves and unsure of how the whole process would go. But Matt saw what we had and took it to a completely different level. Super nice guy, someone I could definitely call a good friend by the end of the week. Recommended him to many people x

Brodie Normandin - The Losing Score

Worked with Matt for the first time about 6 months ago with my band Cleargreen. He’s an absolute lege and his recording and mixing skills are top notch. Listen to
Cleargreen -‘Gone’ The proof is in the pudding. We’re going back in the studio with him next month. Massively recommend this guy!

Liam McIver - Cleargreen

To put it blunt - i find the recording process a faff. It’s hard work from as soon as you start searching who to go with. Matt Nails it from the start! He’s helpful with realistic dates and times- yes he’s hard to get in with - and there’s a reason for it - he’s really fooking good!

When you arrive and walk through the first doors it’s a very much ‘wtf moment I’m in a cave’ however stay with it and you enter a musical playground! It’s great because there’s so much to look at. You want to try every amp, every pedal and every precision instrument - and you actually can! It’s great! To contrast you then walk through to your chilled-out relaxing office for the duration. It’s what you need. It’s comfy, it’s got character and you can make as many brews as you want! I had 3!

I don’t use pedals. I have a tuner and usually play with my pickups to find my tone. We must have experimented with over 20 between us to nail our desired sound - and we go it! Matt knew exactly what to hear for. Many a time I questioned - how is that even a thing to hear? He makes a huge difference to your tracks - and this is what you want. Whether you be novice or grade 5 theory expert I guarantee you come out with a great product.

Yes it is a long process but this guy sails you through it.

Nice one pal.

Patrick Mehan - Nana White Pepper

Matt did a great job on the Branch To Root record and he tolerated the whirlwind that is me in his personal space so you know he can deal with anything you throw at him

Stu Sinclaire - Branch To Root

My Wedding band Jukebox Band recorded our promotional tracks at Suff Studio, Matt's attention to detail and professional attitude was fantastic. These recordings have helped Jukebox significantly increase our bookings over the past year. I can't thank and recommend Matt enough and I know the rest of the band agree! We'll be back again in 2015 when we refresh our promotional material.

Paul Wharton - Jukebox

Absolutely amazing producer and works to your brief whilst adding the Matt heap flair on request. Highly recommend his work

Joe Myers - Foxglove

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